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“Where, after all, do universal human rights begin? In small places, close to home – so close and so small that they cannot be seen on any maps of the world. Yet they are the world of the individual person; the neighborhood he lives in; the school or college he attends; the factory, farm, or office where he works. Such are the places where every man, woman, and child seeks equal justice, equal opportunity, equal dignity without discrimination. Unless these rights have meaning there, they have little meaning anywhere.”

~Eleanor Roosevelt


At ICMHHR, we believe the practice of compassion is a shared responsibility. Your charitable contribution and volunteer efforts enable us to share in fulfilling the mission of bringing vital educational resources to help prevent and heal trauma, to strengthen resilience in wounded communities and to raise awareness about the multi-generational impact of trauma on society.

Every contribution, direct, in-kind and in any amount, enables us to continue our work. We are honored that you would consider ICMHHR in your charitable planning through financial contributions and volunteer outreach. Please consider joining us in one or more of our established categories of giving. Or surprise us by creating another way to get involved and to support the mission!

Charitable Giving and Tax Benefits

In 2011, The International Center for Mental Health and Human Rights was recognized as tax- exempt under section 501 (c) (3) of the US Internal Revenue Code.
A charitable gift to ICMHHR can help offset federal income tax and be an important part of financial planning. Charitable contributions made to public charities via cash donations can be itemized and deducted -up to 50% of your adjusted gross income (AGI )- on your federal income tax form.

Charitable giving can also be a meaningful and strategic part of your estate planning, enabling your beneficiaries to reduce the tax liability of your estate by deducting charitable bequest. The menu gives you more information about our established categories of giving. The ICMHHR IRS determination letter and EIN number are posted on the documents tab of the “About Us” page for your reference and use should you make a donation of cash or appreciated assets to the ICMHHR.

Note: As with all charitable contributions, we encourage you to understand the tax implications of your pledge by consulting your legal or tax advisor.


Become a member! Your annual $50 tax-exempt charitable donation brings you into our “Circle of Giving.” By supporting the work of the ICMHHR, you will receive a subscription to our documentary film series and access to select educational resources, podcasts, training programs and training videos at membership rates or at no charge. Your annual membership donation enables us to continue the work of bringing trauma and resiliency curricula to wounded communities.

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Online Donation

Make a charitable tax exempt cash donation today at www.icmhhr.org. It’s easy. Every donation, no matter the size, helps support the work of restoring individuals, families and communities to dignity and resilience.

Make a one time donation

Simply write the amount you would like to give and then press “donate.”

Make a monthly recurring donation

Simply write the amount you would like to give monthly and then click “donate.”

Giving Appreciated Assets

Another way of making a charitable contribution is with appreciated assets, such as stocks or mutual funds. Depending on market value, stocks and mutual funds have often grown in value and have a very low cost basis (i.e., generally the original price you paid for the stock). You can itemize deductions of up to 30% of your AGI for charitable contributions of appreciated securities or property in any one year.

In addition, it may be possible to carry forward amounts that exceed the limit and deduct them over the next five years.This option is an intriguing one for many of our donors allowing unique opportunities for tax planning. You can directly transfer assets into our brokerage account through our financial advisor, Tim Coffey. Tim.Coffey@edwardjones.com

Note: As with all charitable contributions, we encourage you to understand the tax implications of your pledge by consulting your legal or tax advisor.

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Sustaining Patrons Program

Help us focus on the work rather than the fund raising! The Sustaining Patrons’ Program is a vital part of our on-going fundraising campaign. By making a charitable tax-exempt contribution for three consecutive years, you become part of our “Founder’s Circle”, and help us to sustain our mission by creating a more secure financial base upon which to build and plan from one year to the next.

* The Advocate Level: $250- $5000- Annually for three years
Those that contribute at the Advocate Level will enjoy the benefits of membership and are invited to participate in one of our Compassion Cultivation Trainings at no charge. More information about upcoming trainings will be available on the website.

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* The Humanitarian Level: $5000- $10,000- Annually for three years

Those that contribute at the Humanitarian Level will also enjoy the benefits of membership and are invited to participate in one of our Compassion Cultivation Trainings at no charge. As a way of additionally expressing our gratitude, you or your families’ name will be listed with an Associate Producer credit on the educational or documentary video series of your choice. Or if you would prefer, you may remain anonymous.

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* The World Citizen Level: $10,000 or more – Annually for three years
Those that contribute at the World Citizen Level will enjoy the benefits of the the Advocate and Humanitarian levels. Additionally, as an expression of our gratitude, with your permission, we place your logo or name on the home page of one or more of our documentary shorts in the Tibetan Stories series at www.tibetanstories.org. We also invite you to join us during a scheduled international mission or internship for a rich cultural immersion experience.

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Hosting a Documentary Screening

Good wine, good cheese and great films! Host a screening of Tibetan Stories in your home, invite your friends, and help expand our circle of supporters. We will give you a little kit and you can do the rest!

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Travel Partners Program

Purchase a ticket with your travel miles as an ‘in-kind” donation to help bring training faculty to remote communities. You are one of our angels helping us by sharing your wings!

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Internship Opportunities

Become an ICMHHR intern! We offer a variety of internship, fellowship and volunteer opportunities in the areas of:

– mental health
– public health/humanitarian aid
– human rights advocacy
– international relations
– media production
– marketing
– non-profit management.

Our internships do not offer compensation. Interns work with us as volunteers, while at the same time gaining valuable training, cross cultural experience and in some cases academic credit. Additionally, we offer clinical internships for students currently enrolled in clinical psychology or counseling programs at the graduate or post graduate level, or those accumulating clinical or administrative hours for licensed professional counseling certification.

The ICMHHR internship is a “hands on” cross-cultural immersion experience, an exploration into the intersection of integrative mental health and human rights. We are also interested in partnering in qualitative and quantitative research.

Please submit the internship application via our application and indicate your area of interest and special skills. If you have any additional questions please contact us.

Our internship coordinator will follow up.

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Advisory Council

Brainstorm with us! We are deeply grateful for the generosity of mentors and thought leaders who, moved by our mission, have helped us to frame our vision and implement our projects.

By joining our Advisory Council and sharing your area of expertise, your involvement will help us continue to shape the curriculum and direction of ICMHHR to fulfill its mission. We are honored to name our key advisers from 2009- 2014.

Josh Baran, Baran Communications
Dwight Bashir- Deputy Director, US Commission on Inter-Religious Freedom
Rony Berger, PhD- University of Tel Aviv
Rinchen Khando Choegyal
Tsering Paljor Chope- Former Health Minister, Tibetan Government in Exile
Tsering Choedup
James Doty, MD
David Edwards, PhD
Steven Eilers, MD
Adam Engle, Co-founder, The Mind and Life Institute
Michael Esposito, JD
Barry Fisher, JD
Roshi Joan Halifax, Upaya Zen Center
Yotam Heineberg, PhD
Thubten Jinpa, PhD
Ginny Jordan
Jeff Kaloustian, JD
James Livingston, PhD
Paul Kaye, PhD
Samdhong Rinpoche Former Prime Minister, Tibetan
Government in exile
Khen Rinpoche Tsetan
Erika Rosenberg, PhD
Allan Schore, PhD
Siddharth Shah, MD
Patricia Tollison, PhD

Please join this exceptional group of humanitarians, clinicians, political leaders, scholars, scientists and researchers!

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