Welcome to the International Center For Mental Health and Human Rights

Our mission is is to strengthen and preserve human rights, resilience, and dignity in “wounded” communities through culturally sensitive and innovative mental health and resiliency training programs designed in partnership with local, community-based organizations in the US and internationally.

Our integrative approach brings together emerging neuroscience research, mindfulness-based, compassion focused intervention while honoring traditional pathways of medicine, culture and contemplative practice existing within each community.

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ICMHHR is developing a powerful 5 year large scale project with The School of Public Health at Makarere University in Uganda to bring Contemplative Based Trauma and Resiliency Training (CBTRT)to  both mental health/humanitarian aid staff and refugee populations in Northern Uganda. CBTR helps strengthen resiliency factors and reduce trauma symptoms for both mental health/humanitarian aid staff and refugee populations. CBTRT integrates neuro- informed trauma education and immersive contemplative training.  We have conducted efficacy research on the core curriculum resulting in robust positive outcomes.
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